US Lumber Brokers

US Lumber Brokers: A Unique Premium/Specialty Lumber Company

US Lumber Brokers is a unique business in a unique position. We take pride in our premium high quality domestic and exotic wood and wood products. We also conduct consultations with our customers to develop strategies to better their business and service. Ultimately, we strive to bring buyers and sellers together and facilitate mutually beneficial deals. We are a rapidly growing business serving the US and select international areas. Our success stems from our experience, market awareness and our ability to source high quality, unique and premium products for the leading architectural firms and high-end custom home builders. When you think of premium or specialized lumber and materials for your construction project, think of us, U.S. Lumber Brokers.

Exotic Lumber Hardwood Line

A Hardwood Lumber Supplier That Values Quality Materials

US Lumber Brokers are suppliers and distributors of hardwood lumber and exotic hardwoods. We carry a wide selection of domestic lumber for sale in standard or clear grades that are all FSC certified. From Doug Fir, Cedar, and Cypress to Oak, Walnut, Mesquite, and Cherry wood.

We are committed to providing the absolute best material brokering experience possible. With our extensive network of vendors across the United States every project is within our reach. After your first experience using US Lumber Brokers, your repeat business is guaranteed!

It is our belief that each product is unique, so we provide our full attention until the project reaches completion. We will also value engineer any project and make recommendations based on market conditions to provide the best service possible.

US Lumber Brokers, in conjunction with our sister company Austin Millworks and Timbers, can custom design, mill and finish lumber to the customer’s specification to reduce cost, increase job site productivity and accelerate completion on commercial and large residential projects.

We are the Industry Consultants

We have a wealth of knowledge relative to what works and what does not work in commercial and large residential projects, which aids in de-risking the project for the architect, builder and owner.

Our design and application knowledge base in this area, along with an understanding of the best practices and new technology, can often provide considerable savings initially as well as over the life of most projects.

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